Divorce Rates by Profession in The US

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The modern work lifestyle comes with many perks, including financial stability, but it also has its own demerits. The additional stress of maintaining a hectic schedule to meet deadlines, impress employers and customers alike, and earn a good living can take its toll on you and your spouse.

In this article, we derive a summary of the divorce rate by profession in the United State from a recent study that analyzed data from the 2015 American Community Survey. If you are thinking about or are in the middle of a divorce, an experienced Wilmington Divorce Attorney from Speaks Family Law is ready to answer any questions you may have.

  • Gaming

According to data from Online Divorce, people in the gaming business including casino workers, face a divorce rate of about 52.9%. This is the highest number and it may be attributed to the partying and high-risk atmosphere involved in gambling.

  • Bartending

Bartending occurs in a very social atmosphere, with bartenders often flirting and making small talk with their clients. This interaction can create a feeling of insecurity among the partners of bartenders, made worse by bartenders keeping odd work hours. Sometimes, the odd hours can actually lead to infidelity.

  • Aviation

Pilots, cabin crew, and flight attendants are constantly traveling and may even spend months away from home, at a time. Many partners can find this time spent apart very hard to bear. It should, therefore, come as no surprise that they have a divorce rate of 50.5%.

  • Telemarketing

Telemarketers follow closely behind people working in aviation, with a divorce rate of 49.2%. This number is partly attributed to the high-pressure, target-oriented atmosphere of marketing. Most marketers spend their day talking to strangers and competing with colleagues and can carry this stress home, leading to strain relationships.

  • Machine Tending

Machine tending covers textile, rolling, and weaving machine tenders and operators. This group has a divorce rate of 48.9%, which could be attributed to the long hours, tedious work, and unrewarding income of machine tending. 

  • Massage Therapy

Like bartenders, and maybe even more, massage therapists have a lot of contact with their clients. Sometimes, this interaction can stray into emotional and physical grey arrears, triggering insecurity in the therapist’s partner. The divorce rate for this group falls at 47.8%.

  • Caregiving

Because caregiving is such an empathetic job, you may think its impact on relationships will be positive. However, nurses and caregivers face a divorce rate of around 47%. Some factors that may contribute to these numbers include long, tiring hours and low pay.

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Careers and jobs seem to play a pivotal role in the divorce rates in the country. While this summary of divorce rate by profession provides a picture of how some professions may affect your marriage, every couple is different. Discuss your personal concerns with an expert attorney.

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