Divorce Rates for Second Marriages

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About 50% of first marriages in the United States end in divorce or permanent separation. These statistics paint a bleak picture but also suggest that a significant number of Americans get into subsequent marriages. In this article, we review the second marriage divorce rate in the country.

Scientific research and demographic studies may suggest certain patterns, but every marriage is unique. If you are considering or are in the middle of a divorce, contact Speaks Family Law to discuss your rights with an experienced Wilmington Divorce Attorney.

How Popular Are Second Marriages?

Subsequent marriages seem to be just as popular as first marriages in today’s world. This should come as no surprise considering the high rate of the first-marriage divorce in the country. According to a Pew Research Center analysis of census data from 2013:

  • Over 42 million people in the US have been married more than once
  • The number of people who remarried since 1960 had tripled
  • 40% of new marriages in that year involved at least one person who had been married before
  • 25% of married people had been married before

The analysis also found that nearly 57% of divorcees and widowed adults have remarried, with another 20% indicated they will do so eventually.

Conflicting Statistics on Second Marriages

According to a 2013 report published in the New York Times by the National Center for Family and Marriage Research at Bowling Green State University, 60% of second marriages and 65% of third and fourth marriages end in divorce.

In conflicting results, a report Marriage Foundation based on UK National Statistics data shows that marriages where one or both spouses have been married before have a 31% risk of divorce. The risk for first marriages is estimated at 45%.

As you can see, the two data sets present two different pictures of divorce rates for subsequent marriages. It can be argued that this is because the information is from two countries, but there is currently no answer to account for the difference in findings.

Recent Studies

The popular statistics derived from the US Census Bureau show that second marriages with a 60% divorce rate are considered outdated. Experts affirm that divorce trends have changed significantly in the last 30 years.

According to recent reports, the divorce rate fell by approximately 8% between 2008 and 2016. Other experts believe that the divorce rate in the country may fall somewhere around 40% now. This indicates that the 60% number may also be inaccurate for current marriages.

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Popular belief suggests that someone getting into a second marriage is more mature and wiser than the first time. However, this does not always mean success as demographic data shows that the second marriage divorce rate is about 65%, which is a lot higher than the 50% rate of first marriages.

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