Parents of Multiples Divorce Rate

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Having multiple children at the same time can be quite challenging for any parent. Having multiples is never easy as the logistics indicate that you will have increased spending and financial commitment to supporting your rapidly expanding family. In as much as it is a blessing, it remains one of our biggest challenges to date. Mostly, when couples get multiples, they are never really prepared for something so physically and mentally draining. As a result, there is little to no time for their relationship, and that is why the parents of multiples divorce rates are so high. Lack of time for each other pushes you to your limits, and before you know it, you are already seeking a divorce.

  • It is always advisable that if you are going through such a dark phase in your life, you seek the help of a Wilmington Divorce Attorney to make the process a little bit comfortable. Having multiples is a blessing, but it also comes with constant pressure. The following are some reasons why parents of multiples are more likely to encounter a divorce;

Lack of Adequate Sleep

Parents of Multiples Divorce Rate in Wilmington, North Carolina | Speaks Family LawIf you are a parent to multiples, you may have as well forgotten how it feels to have a good night’s sleep. Being deprived of sleep has so many negative impacts on different areas of your life. It tampers with your mood, health, and energy levels. You will notice you are only having 3-5 hours of sleep and having to work and baby mind approximately 16 hours a day. This lack of sleep affects your relationship since you have little to no energy to enjoy each other’s company.

  • You will also start getting irritable and snap at each other for no reason at all.

Financial Pressure

Parents of Multiples Divorce Rate in Wilmington, North Carolina | Speaks Family LawOne of the common reasons why parents of multiples tend to divorce is because of economic factors. As the kids get older, you will have to buy more sets of clothes as well as fund their education, among other expenses. The thing with multiples is that clothes and cribs cannot be purchased once and passed to the next. You will have to buy new of everything. This results in financial pressure for most families and probably more daily stress. When couples are not prepared for such a scenario, it becomes tough to put up with the relationship and before they know it, divorcing is already on the cards.


Lack of Adequate Time for Each Other

Parents of Multiples Divorce Rate in Wilmington, North Carolina | Speaks Family LawParents of multiples only get 10-30 minutes of quality time for themselves. Usually, by the time you get home and do all your parenting duties, it is late. You will be too tired and only want to rest so it will not be possible to spend significant quality time together. You will be required to pay a lot of attention to your babies and time for each other becomes quite limited.

Having multiples is quite challenging, no matter how prepared you are. You should never feel guilty about getting stressed and tired. It is part of parenting. However, if things are not working between you and your partner, Speaks Family Law can help to make the divorce process smooth for you and soon to be ex-spouse. You never have to stay in a relationship that does not make you feel comfortable just because you are parents of multiples.