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What is the Process of Adopting a Newborn Baby in Wilmington, NC? | Speaks Family Law

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Family law is a branch of civil law that focuses exclusively on marital and family issues. Family law involves issues such as marriage, adoption, legal separation, divorce, spousal support, child custody, and other related issues. From time to time, family relationships are faced with situations that require an in-depth understanding of family law. Hiring a Silver Lake family law attorney offers you a chance to receive the best counsel in family legal processes.

What is the Process of Adopting a Newborn Baby in Wilmington, NC? | Speaks Family Law

Family Law Practice Areas

A Silver Lake family law attorney works with you to resolve family law issues such as:

  • Adoption: Various factors make the process of adoption a complex one. These include differences in state laws, where the child to be adopted is from, the kind of adoption among other factors.
  • Adult protection order: Petitioning for an adult order of protection may be necessary if you experience physical abuse from your spouse.
  • Annulment: Happens with the intention of completely erasing the record of the existence of a marriage. When grounds to annul the marriage are proven, the marriage is considered null and void by the court.
  • Divorce: There are various divorce options for a couple seeking to dissolve their marriage. Such options are best discussed with a Silver Lake family law attorney.
  • Child custody: Focuses on physical and legal custody. That is, who the child is with at a given time and the legal right to make decisions concerning the child.
  • Contempt: A party found in civil contempt may be sentenced to jail for a period of time or be penalized with a fine.
  • Marital property division: Involves rules and regulations of dividing accumulated marital assets.
  • Mediation: Aims at assisting the parties to reduce misunderstanding and explore areas of compromise to find points to agree on.
  • Paternity action: Usually happens to establish paternity through a court order for a child born out of wedlock.
  • Prenuptial and postnuptial: These are contracts that are entered before and after the marriage takes place respectively.
  • Relocation: Consulting a Silver Lake family law attorney shines a light on relocation issues as far as child custody is concerned.
  • Restraining orders: Situations involving domestic violence, harassment, or assault may result in a restraining order.

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Silver Lake Family Law Attorney

Why is it Necessary to Have a Family Law Attorney?

Family law matters require having a trusted family law attorney by your side to successfully handle any legal process. Reasons to hire a Silver Lake family law attorney are plenty, including:

  • Professional experience in family law cases: For instance, in handling a divorce case, a competent family law attorney advises you on the best course of action.
  • Objectivity: A family law attorney is more objective about your case than you may be. High training and professionalism keep a Silver Lake family law attorney from making rash decisions regarding your case.
  • Expertise in paperwork: There is substantial paperwork for any case that goes to court. An experienced family law professional efficiently works through your paperwork to solve your case in the best way.
  • Alternative resolution measures: A skilled family law attorney will bring forth alternative dispute resolution measures to best solve a family issue.
Silver Lake Family Law Attorney

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