How to Help Your Kids Cope With Your Amicable Divorce in Wilmington, NC

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A divorce is never easy. It gets even harder when there are kids involved. Divorcing amicably may involve agreements by both parents on various matters including, child support, spousal support and property division. Amicable divorce negotiations go smoothly, but that is not a guarantee that your interests are protected. A Wilmington Divorce Attorney will be a good investment to help you in navigating the divorce process.

The Need for a Divorce Attorney in an Amicable Divorce with Kids

An amicable divorce has more to it than just some paperwork filed with the Court. It may involve:

  • Dividing the communal property
  • Drafting a parenting plan
  • Writing a visitation schedule
  • Refinancing some mortgages
  • Negotiation over payment of bills
  • Agreeing on child support payments

A lot is involved in all this, and the help of a divorce attorney ensures you’re addressing issues correctly. A mistake now would be more time-consuming and expensive to litigate later on. Moreover, a Wilmington divorce attorney helps in drafting the agreement. Which needs to be accurate and thorough as it will govern the obligations of both parties. The divorce attorney knows what to include, the legal language to use and where each issue is to be addressed.

Helping the Kids in Coping with Your Amicable Divorce

It is easier for children to understand divorce when it is the obvious solution for tension in the home. Characterized by extreme cases, such as domestic violence. However, it takes a toll on the kids to figure out their parents’ divorce when the reasons are not so obvious.

An amicable divorce often happens when the parents air things out and agree on critical issues. The kids are left confused on how you worked out a way to be responsible parents but grew apart. They wonder why both of you could not just stay married if you are able to handle parenting responsibilities so well. For kids in such a situation, divorce is catastrophic to them.

Here are some measures you can take to help caution the effect an amicable divorce may have on your children:

Staying kid-focused

Acting with purpose and grace keeps your children’s best interests attended to. You could use an age-sensitive language to help the kids understand the need for your divorce.

Controlling your feelings

The divorce process may silently be frustrating you and it’s very easy to vent on your kids. A therapist may be a good listener to help in unburdening the negative feelings.

Keeping the kids off the conflict

Using kids to convey messages to the other parent subjects them to a lot of emotional turmoil. The ultimate goal should be to deal with your relationship issues without subjecting the kids.

Legal Assistance for Your Amicable Divorce

Seeking knowledgeable representation for your divorce process is necessary. Both parties may have forgotten to discuss some important factors that may result in a stressful situation after the final decree. Our team of Wilmington divorce attorneys are dedicated to meeting the legal needs of our clients. Contact our firm today for more information. Call us at 910-769-7339.