What Should I Wear to Divorce Court in Wilmington, NC?

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What to Wear to Divorce Court, Speaks Family Law

Appropriate Clothing

Despite our own preferences in clothing, a divorce hearing calls for formal attire. Wearing inappropriate clothes to a divorce Court gives the impression that you are not taking the event with the seriousness it deserves.

In the event that you have doubts over what you should wear, it is important to examine it with your Wilmington Divorce Attorney. Our firm’s extended experience in the divorce Court setting has earned us deep knowledge of what works, and what doesn’t.

What Can a Woman Wear to Divorce Court?

First impressions matter, and very much so to a judge. The judge is able to immediately determine if you respect the Court or not by what you are wearing. It doesn’t cost you much to respect the Court. Below are some tips that women should consider when going for a divorce hearing:

Minimize bold patterns and colors

Shouting colors and loud prints may subconsciously influence how the jury perceives you. Most judges favor formal attire over fashion trends. It is best to choose neutral colors for a solid and serious presentation.

Outfits, Hairstyles, and Makeup

Professional clothing helps to emphasize to the judge that you are a committed and responsible citizen. Remember to look neat and comfortable. Wearing revealing clothing may reduce your chances to get fair child custody in Court.

A minimalist approach is necessary when styling your hair to avoid creating a wrong impression.

Make-up, if necessary, should be quite minimal. Avoid the false lashes and the dramatic contouring.

What Should a Man Wear to Divorce Court?

Men also face some obstacles in choosing outfits for wearing to a divorce Court. The judge may get the wrong perception of you if you show up in an unkempt manner. You may even receive a less favorable child custody arrangement based on how you present yourself. Men should consider the following tips:

Wear a suit and tie

A well-tailored suit along with a tie subtly communicates your responsibility to the jury. A well ironed shirt may work for you if you are not a ‘tie person’.

Revealing/Political Attire and Tattoos or Piercings

Your garments should be properly fitted to give you a comfortable and neat look. Clothing that is ripped or fits too tightly creates a bad impression.

Body art that may subconsciously be deemed by the judge as extreme should be well covered. It avoids any bias against you in the hearing.

A divorce Court is not the platform where you express your political views through your clothing. Avoid t-shirts with any political statements. In the end stay away from:

  • Revealing Attire
  • Political Attire
  • Tattoos or Piercings

What You Wear to Divorce Court Matters

The courtroom is a formal environment. It is possible for you to be barred from the courtroom if you are in violation of the Court’s dress code. What you wear to Court is one of the considerations in deciding the issues in your divorce case.

Discuss with a Wilmington Divorce Attorney

If you are uncertain about what to wear to a divorce Court, reach out to the experienced Wilmington divorce attorneys at Speaks Family Law for reliable advice. Don’t wait till it’s too late. Call in today, 910-769-7339.