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How to Modify Child Custody Agreements in Wilmington, NC

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When two people are not married and have children in Wilmington, North Carolina, child custody will inevitably be a topic of discussion.  Regardless of why the parents aren’t married is important, but when kids are involved, their well-being becomes the priority – and rightfully so.  They should not become a casualty in the disputes between their parents.  In most cases, when a parent pursues a child custody modification, it is because they want to change the child visitation schedule that was put in place previously by a judge in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Getting a Wilmington family law attorney who is experienced in working with child custody cases is very important to your case, because, without great representation, you may lose custody of your children even if you know you can provide the most loving, stable environment for them.   A good child custody attorney will build a strong case in your favor so the judge will award custody to the most qualified parent.

How to Get Child Custody Changed

Unfortunately, it isn’t as simple as a simple conversation with the parent of your children to get child visitation schedule changed – or any other child custody modification made.  The arrangements set forth by the courts are legally binding and you and your child’s other parent both must uphold your responsibility to take care of your children according to the decision made by the judge.  

Should you need or want a child custody modification for any reason, you will need to speak with your child custody lawyer about your wishes.   As the process for child custody modification gets underway, your lawyer will walk you through the process and help in filing all appropriate documents.  This will make for the best possible outcome in your child custody modification attempts whether it is to change the child visitation schedule or any other reason.

A child custody modification plan will take place through the courts.  It will typically begin with a petition. Your lawyer will make sure you have a full understanding of this petition and will make the filing process a smooth and seamless as possible.  Without the assistance of a lawyer, you may miss pertinent details and information that could have a large impact on your case, so getting assistance from your lawyer is very important.

What if The Other Parent Won’t Cooperation

In some cases, the other parent does not want a child custody modification to take place, or they do not want a change in the child custody schedule.  In this case, it will be even more challenging to have a successful child custody modification, but with the right lawyer, your chances of a favorable outcome are greatly increased.

First, you will need to prove to the courts that you made a genuine effort to support the original arrangements that were put into place.  Second, you will need to have valid reasons why you are pursuing a child custody modification and/or a change in the child custody schedule.  The reasons often supported by the court include:

  • A long-distance move
  • A change in living conditions and/or environment
  • A change in the ability of a parent to provide a good home for the children

A judge will also take the best interest of the child into consideration, which is most often the deciding factor when child custody modification is brought to the courts.  If a home environment is unstable or unsafe in any way, a judge will likely support the parent who is providing a stable and safe place for the child to live.

Finding the Right Child Custody Modification Attorney

If you are considering a child modification plan whether it relates to child visitation, living arrangements or for any other reason, the lawyers at Speaks Family Law are here to help.  We have decades of experience in negotiating child custody modification cases with a successful outcome for our clients and their children.

Your current situation is likely a stressful one, and if you are seeking a change to the current child custody arrangements for any reason, you may be hesitant to begin this process.  And if the other parent does not agree with your efforts, your case may involve litigation. In this case, it is imperative that you have an experienced lawyer on your team who will build a strong case in your favor.  

We’ll make sure your case is a strong one as you seek child custody modification here in Wilmington, North Carolina and we’ll fight tirelessly for the best possible outcome for you and your children.

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