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The diversity of family issues has been the subject of discussion since different laws were enacted. From child custody, child support, alimony, to division of assets, more people are starting to understand the importance of settling disputes under the law. After all, what is binding them together are the blood ties. Even if they decide to part ways, they should find a way of leading healthier lives without interfering with each other.

Why Do You Need a Family Lawyer?

When two people come together to live as man and wife, they are hoping to spend the rest of their lives without hurting each other. However, you cannot rule out the fact that either one of them may have conflicting interests. This may prompt their partner to seek a separation, divorce, or restraining order. Having a family lawyer has the following advantages:

Legal Protection and Advocacy

Be it divorce, child protection, or division of property, a family attorney is well-equipped with the knowledge that allows you to make an informed decision. With their skills, they can assess your issue and determine whether you will win the case.

Takes Care of Legal Documents and Court Proceedings

From the drafting, filing, setting up meetings, to the documentations, a family attorney can easily prepare to schedule your day in court. Though the laws may vary from state-to-state, they will tailor your issue to meet the court’s needs.

Impartial Support

Now that you have a family attorney by your side, you can start hoping for a win. You will have objective support because they have handled similar cases before.

Peace of Mind

It takes a lot of work to win a case. A family lawyer gives you the peace of mind you deserve, without breaking a sweat.

The Areas of Law an Attorney from Speaks Family Law’s practices

Family Law

Family issues are unique, which makes it challenging to create one solution to solve them all at once. A family attorney will evaluate the nature of the problem and provide legal advice or represent either party in a court of law.

Separation Agreements

The general rule for divorce in NC is that a couple should live apart for at least one year before requesting a divorce. Getting a separation lawyer to help you through this process is vital.

Child custody

No matter how messy the child custody battle is, a family lawyer can use the law to favor both parents. They will examine your involvement in the child’s life before granting custody to either party.


When a couple decides to end their marriage, a legal representative must be there to officiate the process. Filing for divorce will require you to go through the court, with the help of a divorce attorney.


Sometimes, the lower-income spouse may seek financial support from their ex-partners to sustain their lifestyles. The court decides to evaluate the grounds for warranting alimony before granting it. A family or divorce lawyer will provide all the answers to questions that you may have.

Get a Family Law Attorney From Speaks

If you are having any family issues that require legal advice, including:

  • Divorce
  • Division of property
  • Child custody

At Speaks Family Law, you will get someone that specializes in your area of concern. Whether you are looking to consult or have a legal representative to see your case through, getting the ideal family attorney is the solution you need to solve your tussles.

Contact us today at (910) 769-7339 to get a family lawyer to sort your needs.

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    “She was amazing, she was able to give me the information I needed and was straight forward about what was possible regarding my son. She has made me feel confident in knowing that father’s have just as much legal rights to kids as moms. If I need legal help regarding anything further I will be contacting her again for sure.”

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    “It was a very helpful experience and I am especially grateful for the way they answered my questions and helped me navigate what would have been a much more difficult situation. I felt that my interests were fought for and taken care of and would hightly recommend anyone who might go through this to be respresented by Speaks Law Firm, PC Family Law Division.”

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